YOU'RE A CUNT Sorry, I meant to say 'Merry Christmas' [5 PACK] | A5 Greeting Card (Christmas)

Heard from the Advertising Standards Authority about this card as some dickhead complained about it on Amazon.  Soon to be banned?  Who knows.  Here was my response:

"Thank you for your rather surprising email.

I must disagree with the complainant.  The word, taken out of context, may cause offense but, within the context of the clearly humorous card intended for close friends or family, it is just the set-up to the punchline of the gag.  It does not single out any groups of people based on ethnicity, religion, appearance etc.  In much the same way that FCUK was emblazoned on every high street, it may be designed to shock, but not offend.

Furthermore, as this article on Wikipedia states, “when used with a positive positive qualifier” (and I would argue that wishing someone a Merry Christmas is a positive qualifier) “in Britain, New Zealand and Australia, it can convey a positive sense of the object or person referred to.”

I would also like to draw your attention to the comments on the article made by renowned feminist Germaine Greer who wishes to reclaim the word as both “acceptable” and “honorific, in much the same way that queer has been reappropriated by LGBT people and the word ni**er has by the black community”.  The BBC has even seen fit to devote a whole programme to the word (“Balderdash and Piffle”) which went to great detail to explain why it origins make it non-offensive.  Their broadcasting power has a far greater reach than our own and yet it was deemed acceptable to broadcast an entire show devoted to the word which was displayed and verbalised repeatedly throughout.

Incidentally, it might be useful to know that there are two people that run this company, one of them is female and she takes no offense at the word due to the context it is being used in.

However, we do accept that some people may have a strong reaction when seeing the word, failing to view it within context.  Unfortunately, the Amazon system does not allow us to list an item in a specific Adults Only or Over 18 category.  It also does not allow us to censor the image itself (we asked about this), as we would happily alter it if that would help.

In summary, I feel this was a knee-jerk reaction which, in this context, is unwarranted.  Having said that, we would be more than happy to censor the image.  If you are able to negotiate that with Amazon, we would do this as soon as we were allowed.  Our intention is to cause giggles at a “naughty” word used in a silly way, nothing more."

Slogan reads:

Sorry, I meant to say 'Merry Christmas'

You save a bunch of cash by buying this 5 pack.

The cards come sealed in cellophane with an envelope and measure 8 inches by 6 inches (A5 size). The price is for ONE card so is similarly priced to stuff you might find on the High Street - except you won't find THESE on the High Street!

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