Has Anyone Seen My Mind? I Seem To Have Misplaced It. | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

You know, it must be such a joy living with me. Pure unadulterated pleasure. And laughs? I'll have you pissing on your feet by the time you enter the hallway. But, there is the downside. The constant teasing. I just can't let it go. Poor Vikki. Anytime I find a bit of fluff or something on the floor, I am compelled to pick it up, look quizically at it, then at Vikki before asking her "Is this a piece of your brain?". Of course, the first few times, this is really funny but, by now, it is probably really aggravating. No matter, I shall do it again. And again. One of my more recent comedic deja vu's got me thinking about mind misplacement. Especially as I was rather logically challenged at the time. Good thing is, it lead to this rather fine example of a T-shirt slogan. Is it funny? Hell yeah! Is it clever?? Very much so. Is it on your shopping list?! It had better be!!

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