Censor This, Cameron. | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


You know what we really really hate here at - censorship. Not because we're a couple of immature idiots that like putting sweary words on T-shirts, but because censorship rarely achieves anything positive.

Throughout history, censorship has caused corruption and has allowed dictatorships take a stronghold. Censorship does nothing other than serve those that censor. It is a way of controlling a situation.

We've been doing all this malarky in its present form since 2004. All guns blazing, we staunchly defended our right to offend but, to begin with, we were pretty much left alone. However, in the last few years, we have noticed a DRAMATIC turnaround on this. We are constantly under pressure to tone down our designs. You may recall earlier this year, a bunch of national newspapers ran articles about how shameful our products were. The powers-that-be tried to force us to stop. "You must not cause widespread offense again". To which we replied "Eff off".

Now, our Prime Minister has announced a censorship crackdown on online adult sites. If they are looking for keywords on this crackdown, that would include our own. You would have to opt-in to be able to view it. Ludicrous. However, that could have a dramatic effect on our business, even forcing us OUT of business. And, right there, parts of YOUR freedoms have been removed without you asking for it.

It sucks balls.

So, Mr Cameron, this is what we here at SMELLYOURMUM.COM think of you. A dickhead.

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