Bad Mother Fracker (Battlestar Galactica) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Well, the success of our Star Wars inspired designs leads me to think that perhaps a whole bunch of you are just as geeky as me. Which is a bit of a relief seeing as I rely on your money to buy me food n' stuff. Ta for that, by the way. Anyway, I was a bit of a fan of the old '70's Battlestar Galactica, even to the point that I put silver foil around the legs and middle of our dog, Bolly (who is ginger) and tried to convince her that she is Muffet (if you haven't seen the original BSG, that probably makes NO sense. Google it or something). When the new-fangled BSG came out, I wasn't interested. Starbuck is a woman?? Don't be foolish!? Starbuck is Dirk Benedict from the A-Team!? But, eventually, I relented, watched it and got blown away. Fuck me, it is good. If you haven't discovered it yet, start watching it. Eventually, I decided to combine the BSG way of getting around prime-time swearing (by replacing the word "fuck" with "frack", in case you've not seen it) with the Bad Mo Fo from the Pulp Fiction movie. So, if you are a fan of both BSG and Pulp Fiction, this T-shirt represents a massive hard-on in your favour. If you're just a fan of BSG, it's still pretty horny and better than the lame Frack Me T-shirts I've seen about. So, stopping fracking reading this and buy a fracking T-shirt!

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