I Have The Patience Of A Saint. Saint Cunty McFuckoff | MUG


Scum suckers rip off our designs for their own gains. They have no shame. Those cunts did do us a favour, though as the enormous popularity of OUR SLOGAN has shown us what huge demand there is for it on a mug. So, here it is. From the originators, not some BS company that appropriates others' intellectual property and passes it off as their own.

We've been dealing with twats ripping us off since we started in 2002. I guess it is a form of flattery but, ultimately, it just fucks us off. As most of you know, we started this to support our band and, since then, it has supported our other artistic endeavors. It has NEVER been about the money. It has been about the ATTITUDE and the LIFESTYLE. Most people that sell alternative gear aren't for real. They are fake fuckers. We have proven ourselves time and time again: we are the real deal, and you know it.

Buy from the ORIGINAL and the BEST! We thank you for it.

The original T-Shirt is here

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