I Love To Fart  | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody

I Love To Fart | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


So, we were round my brother's house last week. It was Vikki's Birthday so we went there and had an Indian (the food, not the Indiginous natives of America). My mum and dad were also there. They were all showing off as they'd just come back from Mexico when, suddenly, my mum let out a rip roaring bottom burp. I mean, the kind that probably tore a gaping hole in her pants and possibly through the chair she was sitting in. She looked rather proud of herself as well. She had obviously enjoyed the experience and then my brother confirmed that, he too, enjoys a good guff. Of course, being somewhat of a gentleman, I don't fart. Small Fart Fairies take away any noxious gasses in little parcels whilst I sleep so no-one has to suffer. But it would appear that everyone else seems to do it and I thought a T-Shirt celebrating the fact that YOU ARE ALL UNCOUTH might be in order. So here it is, you whiffy lot.

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