I'm Only Fat Because Every Time I Fucked Your Mum She Gave Me A Biscuit | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


Snarf! Ah yes, a classic "mum" joke. I love mum jokes. Hell, this whole website was based around the Queen of Mum Jokes. We have quite a few Fat T-shirts now, and I do like them. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if, at 18, instead of shedding the pounds, I decided just to continue gorging myself to see just how darn big I could get. On one hand, I image I would be happy: no more obsessing about my abs and having the ability to eat what I want. But, would I always be wondering what the skinnier inner Zion looked like? I am often envious of my fat friends when I watch them chuck more and more food down their throats without a care in the world, as I ponder what could have been.. I wonder if they do the same and wonder what a skinny version of themselves would look like? And feel like. I'll ask some, assuming they can stop eating long enough to reply... Just joshing! You know I love yer big cuddly selves really. Please don't eat me.

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