Almost Too Awesome To Function | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


  Me and Vikki were watching "Mean Girls" the other night. Normally, we wouldn't watch that kind of film (yeah, right), but as this was written by Tina "30 Rock" Fey - who is a genius - we thought we'd give it another go. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we'd seen it before and liked it, didn't I? Anyway, it was even better second time round. Seriously, you should watch it. It contains an immortal line about one of the characters, stating that he is "almost too gay to function", which is probably what prompted this design. Vikki came up with it, by the way. Hey, she's on a roll! I'd better watch out before all I end up doing is writing the description to her catchy catchphrases.. Grrrr.. Having said that though, she did kind of nick this. So maybe she doesn't deserve kudos for it after all. In fact, maybe she deserves a bit of a spanking for being a thief. The cheeky bugger. When you buy this, let me know which and I'll sort it out, no worries :)

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