ChavBusters (Ghostbusters) | T-Shirt, Vest, Hoody


 We came, we saw, we kicked some ASSSSSSSSS!!!! I think that we have the right to make that bold claim. We have done more than any other t-shirt company to supply you people with ANTi-CHAV / ANTi-TOWNiE slogans so I am hereby declaring US,, ChavBusters! We get so many emails from people just like you who thank us for having the balls to say what is on everyone's mind. Because we don't have to answer to ANYONE, we can put what we like on a t-shirt. We don't have to explain ourselves to sponsors or shareholders and that is what makes us so different to everyone else. We can say it as loud as we fucking like: CHAVS ARE SHIT. THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT. THEY SMELL LIKE SHIT. THEY MAKE THE COUNTRY SHIT. They contribute fuck all to society and just go around giving good people like you and me a load of crap for no reason.

Plus, they are fucking stupid. Really fucking stupid. Case in point - just check out this email I got from a retarded Chav just the other day:

"your wedsite is actually discustly apuling people at my sons school are sticking stickers every were saying kill chavs im a as you call a chav theres nothing wrong with it we just like to look at least deasent unlike you you scruffy little shits what does your mother think of all of you you should be a shamed of yourselves"

LMFAO!! I don't think I have ever seen a sentence so short with so many spelling and grammatical errors in. If you gave a pen to a monkey and set it in front of a piece of paper, the scribbles it would make would be more coherent.

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