Send us your photos!

You there. If you own one of our T-Shirts, take a photograph of you in it and send it to us so we may exploit it - and you - on our website. Be certain that, if your boss ever saw it, they would never bring it up as it would indicate that they were a fan of the kind of sweary nonsence and filth that we thrive upon.

The accompanying photo is the kind of thing we're after. What a perfect, family portrait. One to hang on the wall for generations to come.

When you send in your picture, provided it doesn't make us vomit, we will post it alongside the description of the T-shirt or accessory it is displaying. If you don't want that to happen, don't send it in. But that would make you a wuss.

Email them to with the subject header "I hope I'm not too fugly to appear in the bowels of your awesome website".

Ta very much.

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