So, we moved. Let us know what you think!


Hell-O! When we first launched this website in 2002, the internet was in it's relative infancy. The technology we used when we installed our eCommerce facility was, at the time, state-of-the-art.

Over the years, we have avoided making too many changes. We have always wanted to keep our prices low and revamping the site would have just meant having to charge you more for the same items as before. That just didn't seem fair.

But, the last couple of years has seen a lot of technological changes both to the internet and to the devices people use to shop on it. Our site was really beginning to show it's age. More recently, some of you have had problems using it due to incompatibility.

We figured we needed to do something about it and started to look around. That's when we came across Shopify. It looked like it could be the solution to our problems: just as safe and secure as before, but with an engine that will keep updating as fast as technology does.

So, we moved. We would love to hear how you like the new site. We will, as we get used to this new platform, introduce new features but, if there is something you reckon we need urgently, let us know.

It's still me and Vikki behind all this stuff, still produced in the same way, the funds still help the same kind of ventures. Rest assured, we are still the same couple of boneheads we ever were!

Thanks for reading, thanks for shopping, thanks for being.

Zion & Vikki x

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