• 2000 ZiON designed a small range of 6 t-shirts.  Around the same time he first met ViKKi and, together, we sold them at a stall at Erotica
  • 2001 With ViKKi, started SPiT LiKE THiS and drank far too much
  • 2001 During one drinking session, hit on the idea of selling Vikki's Used Panties on eBay
  • 2001 From the funds, we set up Megabucks Music, our Record Label
  • 2002 Realising we needed a constant source of income to fund SLT & M$M we started looking for fresh ideas to make money - I remember the T-Shirts I had made
  • 2002 Using left-over panty money, we had a batch of T-shirts made up and sold them at the Bulldog Bash one very rainy August
  • 2002 At the Bulldog Bash we met a guy that distributed T-Shirts around London.  Several months later, we struck a deal with him to make some of our designs to sell, partly for money and partly for stock for us.  This was under the label Megabucks Music
  • 2002 Decided to do the T-Shirts under the label SMELL YOUR MUM named after our (then) most popular design
  • 2002 Launched smellyourmum.com - you can view the old site here.  To begin with, we were very focused on introducing ourselves and spreading the word about us on a very underground level.  We sold a few t-shirts through the old style site via PayPal links.
  • 2002 Started A.M.P. - Against Manufactured Pop.  It was our stance against the torrent of shit that was entering the music charts.  The online petition still exists.  AMP did have it's own website but it now, rather aptly, points to spitlikethis.com
  • 2002 Released the first SPiT LiKE THiS EP "The Pop Shot!" on our Megabucks Music label
  • 2002 Zöe Ball mentions SMELL YOUR MUM on XFM radio
  • 2002 Launched the message board
  • 2002 Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe requests some t-shirts
  • 2002 Bizarre Magazine features our T-Shirts
  • 2003 Powerplay Magazine has a remixed version of the SPiT LiKE THiS song "Trust Your Instincts" on the Covermount CD
  • 2003 Released the second SPiT LiKE THiS EP "Anarchy For Two" and completed the band line-up so we could start performing live
  • 2003 Had a competition in Rock Sound Magazine
  • 2003 Had a competition in 100% Biker Magazine
  • 2003 Had a competition on TotalRock Radio
  • 2003 Spent the year gigging, selling SMELL YOUR MUM t-shirts at various London venues, through our site and through eBay
  • 2003 Very importantly, we bought the equipment needed to print our own t-shirts.  at last, we could do everything in-house meaning that we could increase the amount of designs we offered whilst keeping prices low!
  • 2003 Got The Boner
  • 2003 Sunday Sport magazine Ladsmag did a feature on us with some serious granny fanny!
  • 2004 After a series of meetings with our bank, we finally managed to convince them to let us have the facility to take credit cards through our site.  i then set about building the store as you know it today!
  • 2004 February 9th we re-launched smellyourmum.com as a fully operation e-commerce store with SSL encryption and credit card facilities
  • 2004 Start advertising heavily in magazines like Kerrang!, Bizarre and Viz
  • 2004 SPiT LiKE THiS release their 3rd EP "Dragged Kicking & Screaming"; they are awarded the title "Trashiest Band In The UK" after a nationwide search; Kerrang! Readers place them # 8 in the Best Unsigned Band Category of the Reader's Poll
  • 2004 SPiT LiKE THiS release "The Pop Shot! XXXTra" on their own label - it is a re-issue of their first EP which is now sold out
  • 2004 Site hits reach 1 million
  • 2005 Start advertising in Penthouse Magazine
  • 2005 New Statesman Magazine mentions the "slightly scary website smellyourmum.com"
  • 2005 SPiT LiKE THiS sign management deal with BUT! Management
  • 2005 Start advertising in Metal Hammer Magazine
  • 2005 Our 4th EP (first one with national distribution!) "Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?" is released and does well.  # 1 on the Amazon Pre-Release Chart; # 5 on the Amazon CD Chart; # 1 on the UK EP Chart; # 8 UK Rock & Metal Chart; # 13 Future Chart and still selling strong!
  • 2005 Expand our advertising to include Rock Sound, Total Tattoo and Skin Deep magazines
  • 2005 Skin Deep run a competition to win SYM & SLT goodies!
  • 2005 Rock Sound run a competition to win SYM stuff
  • 2005 Launch www.streetslutz.com - our street team
  • 2005 Site hits pass the 3 million mark
  • 2005 Mobile phone wallpaper of our more popular designs is made available
  • 2005 Skin Deep tattoo mag put me and Vikki on the cover of issue 127 and do a massive 6 page feature on us, on SPiT LiKE THiS and SMELL YOUR MUM!
  • 2005 Launched a profile on myspace.com
  • 2005 SPiT LiKE THiS continue playing live enjoying high profile supports with Wednesday 13, LA Guns, Fozzy, Trashlight Vision and more.  Currently preparing to record their first album due in 2006
  • 2005 Zion & Vikki appear in issue 107 of Bizarre Magazine (cover date Feb 2006)
  • More SPiT LiKE THiS interviews, this time in Total Guitar and Powerplay
  • 2006 Our first collection, SCARY TALES: THE COLLECTION, was released 20th March
  • 2006 We supply REDEMPTiON TV presenter, Lenore, with clothes for her show
  • 2006 We have started to produce the band T-shirts for UK Indie Label Anticulture Records, home of such bands as Arnochorps, Tangaroa, Kingsize Blues and more.
  • 2006 Our t-shirts are so fucking anarchic, we have had two companies threaten to sue us over them!  First of all Nike got their knickers in a twist due to our "Chav...Just Kill It" design and then Jack Daniels got pissed off coz of our SMELL YOUR MUM / Jack Daniels label design.  Can these people not see the bigger picture?  Who is worse, a couple of people in the UK making some parody t-shirts or huge corporations who, in one case exploit workers in third world countries and, in another, provide an intoxicating blend that helps contribute to the death's of many thousands of people each year??  Fucking hypocrites.
  • 2006 In October, we had to move our entire website to it's own dedicated server!  You have made it so popular, our hosts would no longer allow it on a shared server.  So, thanks!!  Costs more though, so buy more stuff to keep it running smoothly!
  • 2006 October/November - Competition to win some of our tees in the fine ALTERNATiVE magazine
  • 2007 in April we were featured in ETO - Erotic Trade Only - Magazine
  • 2007 in April we were asked to provide a selection of our tops for the actors and actresses to use in an up-and-cumming porno movie being made by FREDDiE'S WORLD!
  • 2007 in June, we started work on our debut album with our band, SPiT LiKE THiS.  The journey has been long and hard but, finally, the plan we had many years ago when we started all this has come to fruition.  Good things come to those that wait - and work fucking hard!!!
  • 2007 in September, SPiT LiKE THiS supported The Misfits in London!
  • 2007 in October we finally finished our album.  Doing both SLT & SYM at the same time is totally exhausting but it is such a rush to have gotten this far.  Watch this space!
  • 2008 (May) Life doesn't get much stranger than this!  Last week we had an email from a nice lady called Dawn - the PA to RiGHT SAiD FRED.  They had seen our "I'm So Sexy I Shit Right Said Fred" T-shirts and wanted some of their very own.  Well, last night me (ZiON) and ViKKi were ViP'd at one of their shows in London and here we are, with Fred & Richard resplendent in their new tops.. Click on image to enlarge.  Surreal.  Fabulous and surreal!

  • 2008 (August) We are delighted to announce that our band, SPiT LiKE THiS, got signed to Transcend Records.  Our debut single is out October 20th and our debut album, "We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away)", is released November 17th, distribution via Cargo.  THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU SUPPORTING US THROUGH THIS SITE.  Thank you.
  • 2009 (March) Australian comedienne Christina Davis uses our T-Shirts in her sell-out one woman show in Melbourne, Australia!
  • 2009 (March) Zion & Vikki attend the Memorabilia show selling smellyourmum.com gear direct to the public.

2009 (July) Our band, SPiT LiKE THiS, has signed a Worldwide record deal with a Swedish label, GMR Music Group.  We parted company with Transcend back in April so this signing marks a massive move forward for us.  With a German manager and Swedish label, our prospects in Europe are now looking awesome!  Our album will be released throughout Europe later this year and re-released in the UK with bonus material!

2009 (July) Read this latest message from us to you.

2009 (November) Our band's debut album has been re-released on 2nd November in the UK on our new label GMR.  You can buy it direct from us or from all good retailers.

2009 (December) SFX Magazine has run a feature on Sci-Fi T-shirts and has included a whole bunch of ours in the article!

2009 (December) SPiT LiKE THiS's album will be released across Europe on 23rd Jan 2010 (Scandanavian countries) and 12th Feb 2010 (Germany, Austria, Sweden)

2010 (January) SPiT LiKE THiS's debut video is now playing on Scuzz TV in the UK.  You can ask for it by emailing requests@scuzz.tv - also our album is now out in Scandinavia, the Benelux and Italy!

2010 (Febuary) SPiT LiKE THiS's debut album is now also out in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Australia and New Zealand!

2010 (March) Below is a bad screen grab of TV presenter Nick Baker on "Weird Creatures" wearing one of our T-shirts!

2010 (April) Our band has been confirmed to appear at the Wacken Festival in Germany!

2010 (April) Below is a poor screen grab of Vanessa from MTV Headbanger's Ball in Germany wearing a SPiT LiKE THiS T-Shirt!

2010 (June) One of our customers is appearing on a Greek reality TV show and, in the trailer, she wears two of our T-shirts, including this one!  View it here

2011 (January) Passed our 13 millionth hit this month.  We are in the top 1% of all websites on the planet!  Not bad, eh?  Especially considering this has been achieved simply by Vikki and I busting a gut.  Massive thanks to everyone who's supported us over the years :)

2011 (August) Another As Seen On TV!  Channel 4 ran a documentary called "Head Over Heels In Rats" where Dr Rattray wore this very design! Below is a screen grab for you to savor. Thanks to the doc and to Ch4 for the product placement! 

2011 (December) Our new range of Xmas cards became the number one selling Xmas card on Amazon.co.uk - amazing!

2012 (February) We've done it again.  Not only has our Valentine's Day card become the number 1 selling Valentine AND Anniversary card on Amazon.co.uk, it even made the national press - image below from The Sun, 11th Feb.

2012 (February) We finally signed an album deal with Dark Lord Records (a label set up by producer Chris Tsangarides and Dave Cousins from The Strawbs).  As a result, "Normalityville Horror" comes out in the UK May 2012!  You can buy it from the links below.

AMAZON.co.uk  [Buy Now]
PLAY.com [Buy Now]

iTunes [Buy Now]

2013 Didn't realise how long it had been since I updated this.  Whoops!  Since the last update, we have done so much.  Played the Hard Rock Hell festival in Ibiza (2012) as well as the one in the UK (2013); embarked on tours; released a single and a few music videos and then this happened ->

I also thought I would make a loving list of some of our more famous customers

Probably the biggest event though is that I have written, produced, co-directed and starred in my first movie, "Meet The Cadavers".  As with everything, this has been funded entirely by the sale of these very T-shirts.  So, yet again, you have helped support our creative endeavors.  The film is due for release in 2014.  In the meantime, please "like" the Facebook page and check out blogs, info, photos, behind-the-scenes etc at www.meetthecadavers.com

2014 One of our customers did a Vlog about us - skip to the bit where he displays ALL his tees.  Can you beat that?!

To Be Continued...

As you can see, every penny you spend with us REALLY DOES help us with the band and the music.  There is a direct correlation with how well SYM does with how well SLT does so BUY SOMETHiNG NOW knowing that you are helping make Rock 'n' Roll history!! 


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