# 1 YOU are Number One!  We place you, our customers, at number one.  You are our most valuable asset so we make it our solemn duty to make sure that YOU are happy!  If, at any point you need help, just ask! If you have any special requests, let us know!  We want 100% Customer Satisfaction and will go out of our way to achieve that.  Whatever you want, we are here for you.  Remember, because we run everything ourselves, we can tailor everything to suit your needs.  So, use and abuse us!!  We like it.  Don't believe us?  Read some Customer Testimonials!

# 2 This site is 100% secure!  We accept all major credit and debit cards via our SSL server!  You will notice that the whole Checkout process is done in a secure environment.  Card transactions are processed in real-time by SAGEPAY (the new name for Protx).  You can read about SAGEPAY and their security methods here.  No-one can access your details or information and no card information is transported by email.  Alternatively, use our mail-in order formStill worried about internet shopping security?  Then click here!

"Returning customer that cannot get enough - easily the best t-shirts around!" Lisa, Birmingham read more >>

# 3 Every single t-shirt in this store is a unique item!  Not only is each and every design created by us here at smellyourmum.com (you cannot buy them anywhere else on the internet) but they are also screen-printed to order - to your unique specifications!  That way, we can offer you an amazing choice of colours and styles all at ridiculously low pricesSTOP PRESS: We have just acquired new equipment ensuring that print quality is now even higher!

"Everyone stops me in the street asking where I got my cool top from!!" Robert, Dundee read more >>

# 4 Every design is available in a range of styles!  Each and every design that you see can be made for you on either a standard t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, hoody, skinny top, a strappy top and wife beater!  On top of that, you can choose the colour of both the print (black, white, neon-pink, neon-green or red) and the garment (black or white)!  Why do we offer so much choice?  Simple, because YOU asked for it! 

So, stop reading this and get shopping!  Every month we add even more offensive, funny, rude, obnoxious designs so make sure you bookmark smellyourmum.com - it\'s what the internet was invented for!

For more on the History of SMELL YOUR MUM, follow THiS LiNK!

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